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More and more change makers find their way to Salv’s 100% natural healing products. Are you a birthworker, maternity nurse, coach, yoga school owner, child pediatrician, (baby) store / webshop owner or kids daycare owner and do you wish to share Salv with mothers and children? Please connect with us.

Salv’s 100% natural ‘Family Skinfood’ is a life savior for everyone who works with pregnant women, postpartum mothers, baby’s and children. It heals, protect, nourish and soothes. 

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Do you wish to spread Salv? Receive 33% percent discount on all our products. Email us to info@salv.care or call us via +31636349372 and receive your personal b2b code to place your first order. 

Products & prices

Product B2B price Selling price Profit
Family Skinfood (200ml) €24.05 €31.99 €7.94
Family Skinfood (100ml) €15.03 €19.99 €4.96
Healing Herbs €9.77 €12.99 €3.22

* Prices included 21% VAT

Criteria to buy Salv’s products:

  • You 'must' love our products 
  • Resonate with what we stand for and the change we wish to bring to the world
  • You need to have an official company (KVK)
  • Minimal order purchase is €200,- 

You will receive your order within 2 business days at your choosen location.

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